Home Remedies for Low Blood Pressure

Question: I was feeling dizzy all the time last month and was diagnosed with low blood pressure. I have no idea how serious this condition is. Can you tell me a bit about this condition? I don’t like to take medication for this and was wondering if there are any home remedies for low blood pressure.

Answer: As high blood pressure (hypertension) is given more prominence, most individuals are not very clear about the harmful effects of having low blood pressure (hypotension). Hypotension is a very serious illness. Unlike hypertension, hypotension has symptoms that identify the condition. However, very few individuals pay attention to the symptoms treating it as an unimportant incident. Symptoms such as frequent dizziness, fainting, and dizziness when getting up from a prone position, indicates hypotension. Therefore, any individuals with symptoms of low blood pressure should obtain medical advice.

Causes and Risks with Hypotension

Hypotension occurs with a significant reduction in the volume of blood. This can be due to dehydration, pregnancy, moderate to severe bleeding, inflammation of the organs in the body and heart disease. Certain medications too can affect the volume of blood in the body to cause hypotension. Blood pressure is the force with which blood pushes against the arterial walls. Blood pressure drops when the blood volume decreases. Many individuals are under the misassumption that low levels of blood pressure are healthy as it decreases risks of hypertension. However, drastic low levels of blood pressure can damage the kidneys, heart and other vital organs in the body.

Diagnosing Hypotension

The best method of diagnosing low blood pressure is through pressure monitoring. This is done in the supine position, as well as, upright position. There will be a marked drop in blood pressure when upright in patients with hypotension. This is accompanied with an increase in heart rate. This will help to diagnose hypotension. In addition, the doctor may prescribe tests such as CBC (complete blood count), blood electrolyte measurements, radiology studies, blood and urine cultures and echocardiograms. All these tests help to identify the cause of hypotension, as well as, an accurate diagnosis.

Treating Hypotension with Home Remedies

There are several home remedies for treating low blood pressure. However, before proceeding with home remedies for low blood pressure all individuals are advised to obtain a professional diagnosis. This is necessary, as home remedies will aid in helping the condition, if hypotension is caused by any medications taken for another medical condition.

Drinking plenty of water – Water is necessary to stay healthy. Water is essential for all individuals. It is vital for individuals who are prone to dehydration or working in conditions that cause dehydration, should ensure their intake of water is significantly increased.

Increasing salt intake – Sodium is produced in the body. However, individuals with hypotension may produce less sodium than necessary. These individuals are advised to increase their intake of salt in the diet. However, they need to be careful as too much salt may cause hypertension.

Apart from these two vital home remedies for low blood pressure, there are other ways to increase pressure levels.

Soaking raisins over-night in a bowl full of water and munching them during the day helps to remedy low blood press. In addition, having 10 – 15 holy basil leaves crushed and strained with 1 tsp of honey first thing in the morning remedies low blood pressure. A drink of raw beetroot juice daily, for a fortnight relieves symptoms of low blood pressure. Strong, black coffee or almond paste with lukewarm milk also relieves low blood pressure.

As with high blood pressure, low blood pressure too should not be ignored. Proper diet, moderate exercise and with the aid of home remedies, hypotension can be handled quickly.

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